In late March 2020 the broadcasting network MDR sent an open call to artists and filmmakers based in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia to reflect upon their experiences during the Corona crisis via short documentary and moving image. In response, we collectively produced the film 13 Attempts To Hold Your Breath.

13 Attempts To Hold Your Breath presents 13 perspectives from 13 apartments, mostly in Leipzig. During a time where we’re told to distance ourselves from one another we find a way to collectively come together. For 13 days video chain messages are exchanged – with one day to produce a one-minute film, we create a chain reaction of films that directly and indirectly respond to each other. 13 Attempts To Hold Your Breath is a polyphonic collage of subjective perspectives reflecting on this time. As the messages are passed on, the film gains more clarity – however not in terms of explicitness or forgetfulness of our own safety and privilege. It reveals the urge to not only look out the window but onto the world.