Almost two thirds of Saxony's inhabitants live in small towns and rural areas. Developments here and in the urban agglomerations are increasingly drifting apart. This affects not only the economy, but also and especially the social and cultural sphere. In the past 10 years, Saxony has lost 19 percent of its cinemas - without exception in locations with less than 50,000 inhabitants. With the cinemas not only a cultural form dies, but also an important opportunity for social encounter and participation, in which «Kino in Bewegung» sees one of the foundations of our democratic culture.

«Kino in Bewegung» is an initiative of teachers, students and alumni of the Leipzig School of Art. Together with committed local actors, they are organising film events in various locations in Saxony between May and December 2019. The project aims to establish a cultural dialogue between urban and rural areas. The screenings are combined with moderated film talks, which initiate discussions about attitudes, needs and values based on the concrete films.

Kino in Bewegung