The audiovisual language of “Spin” places difference, relationality, mobility and the non-answers in its center of exploration, based on the movement of rotation in the field of tension between sufism and theoretical physics.

To rotate around ones own axis can be cumbersome and at the same time it can make one lightweighted. It is a repetitive movement, and does not go forward. It is never linear but still it can make things change, or transcend and convert them. Spinning generates energy, creates an out- and inside. It is stagnant and fast, it takes place on a micro- and macrocosmical level. Everything is inconsistent. Spin is an experimental film about “spinning” in the field of tension of experimental physics (science) and sufism (mysticism/Islam).
It deals with different concepts of truth and the complexity of them. Furthermore it deals with the conception of body and spirit as instruments to experience and generate wisdom and with the space that emerges between sciences and spirituality. It looks at their borders, the borders of the tangible and perceivable for the human being. Starting in a salt desert fictional invisible characters meet, which search for a placing of their being. Poems, Interviews with physicists, philosophers, a Sufi Cheikha, a Semazen (dervish) and fictional dialogues are interwoven with an audio visual exploration of rotation and examine different forms of doubting, differentiating and thinking.