Out of the desire to develop methods for collectively researching and producing a film, we came together for a few days in the village of Goebitz. Our goal was to create a safe space for sharing filmic, artistic and political interests and to find possible intersections. The idea for the think tank emerged from a number of previous meetings, in which we had discussed possible formats for cooperation, such as a multi-perspective film project.

For the think tank, each member had prepared a short input in advance, which was then presented and discussed during the weekend - an attempt of collectively brainstorming and using the synergies of different perspectives, artistic approaches, knowledge and skills within the group. The results revealed a number of interests, such as (financial) economy, nonhuman-solidarity, the term «sacrifice» and forms of activism. Furthermore our local position raised questions due to the current political situation in Eastern Germany. What forms of cultural work that go beyond processes of artistic reflection can we learn from? Which existing initiatives can and do we want to support?

Working groups have been formed, which are in regular contact with each other. Each group will now continue their research on the mentioned topics and elaborate further questions and ideas. First results will be presented within the group this summer.