The authority of documentary material and film regulates and controls the production of knowledge. Likewise, it defines collective and individual processes of appropriating reality. Contemporary arts seeks to negotiate and process this reality and has gained enormous relevance in this ambition and task since the 90s.

In the face of contemporary Truth-Discourse this relevance has even increased. It takes shape in the ambition to influence specific social and political constellations. Likewise, it takes shape in the wish to articulate own rethorics of truth. We want to enter the discussion with the thesis, that works in documentary should be questioned regarding their truth rethorics rather than their depiction of reality as such.
The question is not how accurately or correct a work depicts reality, but how does an artistic works relate to reality politically.

In the framework of paradoks 2019 the video artists and filmmakers Amel Alzakout and Clemens von Wedemeyer as well as performance artist Mischa Leinkauf reflect their aesthetic techniques along works of their own. Therein they take a look at the meaning of artistic alienation, imagination, counter-information and activism within the respective works.
The panel is presented by Inga Brantin (GEGENkino) and Jonas Matauschek (FILZ).

German with whispered interpretation in English
Sunday, 27 October at 4 pm at Petersbogen
Petersstraße 36-44