Kiosk Nonfiktional - current positions in documentary film art at the Kiosk of hr.fleischer e.V. at the Reileck in Halle

The exhibition Kiosk Nonfiktional takes place within the framework of the nationwide documentary film days LETsDOK between 13 and 29 September 2021. To mark the current occasion, the two-channel installation "Bacha Posh (BOY)" Yalda Afsah and Ginan Seidl will be the focus of the exhibition from 13 to 20 September. From 21 September onwards, artists will take positions on current and historical themes in an exploration of the region of Central Germany. Works by Juliane Jaschnow, Silke Schönfeld, Stefanie Schroeder and Jan Sobotka will be on display.

Kiosk of hr.fleischer e.V.
Reileck in Halle (Saale)